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by these ....


Answer No. 0
Religion is nothing more then cortonl and manipulation, They use fear ( you have sin, you are going to hell ) and dogmatic information ( to keep you closed minded and ignorant) to make people subservient to the desires of that organization.salvation is also a tool use to manipulate people into doing things for the don't need to do any of that crap.You need to be yourself and become open minded and less judgmental about thing you don't have a good understanding about.This is why we have so much wars and unnecessary killing over stupid things like no my religion is right yours is wrong We are all eternal spiritual beings , the problem is that if your mind is trapped to the teachings of what this world force feed you then become locked on this planet.That why when people believe in reincarnation ( which is basically enslavement of the soul ) and believe in karma ( a excuse to keep you pointlessly reincarnating into earth over and over again , karma is nothing but a debt system that can never be solved) , The very things they believe will happen to them when they die.When the brain floods the body with DMT ( do research on it ) which is responsible for dreams and is released at the point of death and birth ( they did studies on it), whatever state of mind you have before and after death affects your spirit . iThis is something they will not tell you because they are trying to keep you subservient and keep you locked on this realm.There are so much out there to experiences and do , SO many astral planes, so many dimensions to go to , You can create anything you want and do anything you want . ( that is what imagination is for, when you are in the spirit world , whatever you think will be created however you want and how you want to experiences it ).DID you ever look up in the stars and said wow there is so much out there , yet here your parents and society forcing you to believe is crap that only brain washes and limit what you can potentially do as a spirit when you leave this world.None of these Religions teach anybody about Open mindedness, because being open minded allows people to understand each other better and to eliminate conflict that never do anything but get people killedNone of these religions teaches that being very judgmental about things you don't understand creates conflict and no peace,None of the Religions teaches that being yourselves is the only things that matter, because you are a unique individual and as a unique person you may be able to do things others can't.Instead they perpetuate things from keeping you from being yourself, telling you its better to be like everybody else in the norm instead of being your self which is what you are .NOne of the religions Teaches freedom , for freedom is something everybody desire and wants, Its a right and freedom isn't something you have to earn because you became a slave to some system or religion and when you did everything those sickening bastards told you to do , all they say is now you are save, now you have your salvation . WTF.Open your mind, There is more going on in this world then you think.Being yourself is very important, its who you are, don't allow any body ( good or evil) influence you to be something you know your not, or to conrtrol you and manipulate you to doing things that keep you from understand yourself. Salvation is a tool used by many religions to enslave you . Reincarnation and karma does the same thing.There is so much out there to do , Why should any of you be limited to teaching and sickening ways based on how they evil forces created life on this planet? Everybody knows that there is something about themselves that is unique , This uniqueness as well as your individual nature was something that was away with you , yet here people try so hard to do anything to cortonl . They want you to appeal to there desires and not yours.DO research on DMT, astral plain, fluoride , NWO , .
Tariq email
(12/08/2013 20:09:31) IP. 188.143.232.xxxxxxx
Answer No. 1
Factoring in cost such as insurance,"> daeieciptron, maintenance and fuel the average cost of running a car works out to be aroung 0.5 euro per mile.Say 3.2 Km per euro, based on 12000 miles (19000km) per year
Natalia email
(13/08/2013 21:30:07) IP.
Answer No. 2
Wow hrliobre.. hrliobre answers so far.. especially that first one.. gap insurance has nothing to do with this..Honestly.. no one here will be able to answer your question. Generally and i stress GENERALLY your coverage for your old car will transfer to your new car for the first 30 days.. aka.. if you had collision with a 500 dollar deductible on your old car.. it will transfer for 30 days . but this is the bigger companies.. it really depends.Honestly.. id just stay off the road until monday you dont know how many people on here write questions about how their insurance denied their claim on there new car next time.. id consider a bigger company that has 24/7 service. [url=]loariqqmpwm[/url] [link=]ysaiypjftpa[/link]
Carlos email
(14/08/2013 05:07:12) IP. 213.172.85.xxxxxxx
Answer No. 3
This is just the">percfet answer for all forum members
Lee email
(15/08/2013 06:01:57) IP. 10.20.20.xxxxxx
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